Pro-independence groups in Scotland lose the support of a crucial allied.

abril 8, 2013



Alex Salmond. Images from Rupert Murdoch will no longer support pro-independence groups in Scortland. This all comes in sensible times for these independents in need of reversing the ruling of polls in front of a referendum that deals with the sovereignty of territory. The secessionists have 17 days  to revert the ruling. Keeping his […]

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Hulu’s future debated between Disney and News Corp.

marzo 17, 2013



The search for power has begun. The map leads to Hulu. Disney and News Corp have entered a series of conversations that aim at squeezing the best out of Hulu. The main idea in this deal is to buy each other’s shares, increase authority and potentially increase profit. News Corp, according, plans to turn […]

Time Warner, Inc. Enjoys New Stock Prices.

marzo 10, 2013


Information obtained from Yahoo! Finance.

Soon after Time Warner, Inc. publicly announced the cancellation of its negotiations with Meredith Corporation, its stock price went up. The increase was immediate and for many unexpected. Today, the stock goes for $57.46, three percent up since Time Warner, Inc. cancelled deals with Meredith Corporation. For Meredith Corporation the results have been very different. […]

Facebook, the newspaper of the future?

marzo 10, 2013



It’s simple, Facebook changes things around, again, adds more advertisement, as usual, includes more images, videos and news and there, a personalized newspaper. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, considered not only a new look for Facebook’s page, but a new purpose that will guarantee its place at the top of all social networks. Besides looking […]

If Murdoch Twitted It, It Must Be Important.

febrero 24, 2013



For Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp and Fox News, there is no such thing as one thing. A medial mogul, a versatile and creative individual who has created and  buttressed one of the greatest conglomerates of this era. He is just not about news papers and TV. His concerns and ideas come out of […]

Time, Inc. CEO, Laura Lang, The Last Piece Of The Puzzle.

febrero 24, 2013



          A fragile economy finally sees the light. This time, mergers, for good and bad reasons, have come to the rescue, not just to save our economy, but also our favorite magazines. Recently Time, Inc. and Meredith announced the focus and terms of their new relationship. The two merging companies will […]

One Review, Lots Of Possible Losses for Tesla Motors.

febrero 17, 2013


Image by:

Out of the hundreds of negative reviews on the Tesla S Model sedan, only one caught the attention of Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer,  Elon Musk. A New York Times’ review written by John Broder, claims that a series of issues and dissadvantages were found during a test drive performed for infromational purposes.  Broder claims that […]

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